Monday, June 8, 2015

Thanks Flat Rangers, Pack 76

Last week, we began work preparing the Wick House for its scheduled chimney rehabilitation project. Construction is set to start on June 15, so the curatorial staff has been busy removing and relocating furniture so the crew can move in. We were lucky to have some Flat Rangers from Boy Scouts Pack 76 help us with the dirty work.

The Wick House was pretty dusty, so the Pack 76 crew
prepped with masks and gloves.

It was so nice having some extra pairs of hands as we loaded
furniture into the pickup. To be safe, the crew was sure to practice the
"team lift" method of loading objects into the truck.
Every museum object had to be removed from the space...
even this traditional Georgian lion door knocker.
The crew helped wrapped artifacts.
Some objects, like andirons, are very heavy and awkward to wrap,
but we got creative.
We were stunned at how compact this replica camp bed was
after we folded it into transport position. Genius!
The team help Museum Specialist, Joni Rowe, tie together the
posters of the rope beds. Everyone was interested to find out the
meaning of "sleep tight."
Packing up the Wick House pantry took the longest.
It was chock-full redware and other replica and demonstration pieces.
The crew was careful to not over-pack any of the kitchen boxes,
because they quickly become heavy.
You made our job so much easier!

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