Library Rules and Regulations

  • All researchers, whether staff or non-staff, may only use the library during the posted operating hours by making an appointment with the library division. Walk-in requests for collections access will not be honored. Please contact the library staff at 973-984-2313 x 204 or 215.
  •  At no time will anyone beyond the library staff be allowed in the library storage area unescorted.
  • Large winter coats, bags, briefcases and other items are prohibited from the library. Large material should be stored in lockers provided. All items are subject to search.
  • Only pencils are allowed as a writing device. Tablets and laptop computers are permitted.
  • Photographic equipment (camera only) is allowed with prior arrangement. Cell phones with cameras may not be used for photography.
  • Photocopying is permitted by staff (on materials which can be safely photocopied) with the full acknowledgement of copyright rules being the burden of the researcher.
  • No drink, food or tobacco products are allowed within the library. Water may be placed in the lockers outside of the library.
  • Library staff will determine the amount of material given to a researcher at a given time. Access will be limited for fragile or damaged items.
  • Researchers will be required to fill out request slips for ALL materials (including microfilm), which staff will retrieve.
  • All non-staff researchers must provide a picture ID. Researchers eighteen and under will need their teacher to acknowledge the research project with library staff.
  • While material is in the researchers care, it is their responsibility to ensure it is properly handled in accordance with these guidelines.
  • All researchers should avoid applying creams or lotions to their hands immediately before handling materials as the oils can transfer and cause considerable damage.
  • Researchers may not rearrange the order in which materials are delivered to them.
  • No marks are to be added or erased from any item.
  • Tracing and rubbings are not permitted.
  • Researchers should not lay paper or cards on an object when writing notes. This practice leaves an impression that will shorten the life of the material. Material should not be leaned on with elbows, marked, or folded.
  • Do not lay books open face down, or employ harmful bookmarks such as pencils, rulers, other books, etc. Broken spines and torn pages are the result of such treatment.
  • To mark a place, use paper flags; ask the library staff for assistance. NEVER use paperclips or post-it notes on materials.
  • Cell phones and pagers must be turned off or silenced in the library.
  • Permission to cite materials must be obtained in writing from Morristown NHP. All acknowledgements must read: Morristown National Historical Park.

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