Monday, April 15, 2013

Flat Rangers Gonzalez, Ortega, Brianna and Alejandra Visit Morristown

As the weather warms up, our museum technicians are hard at work cleaning and conducting inventory on the collections in the historical houses. We were very fortunate to have a visiting spring cleaning crew with us this week, Flat Rangers Gonzalez, Ortega, Brianna, and Alejandra.

The team divided the work into outdoor and indoor tasks. Flat Ranger Gonzalez got started with the outdoor cleanup. He worked to removed the woodpiles still left behind from Hurricane Sandy.

Here he is operating the tractor.

The rest of the gang headed into the Ford Mansion. Flat Ranger Alejandra led the way.

Flat Ranger Brianna cleaned out the china cabinet.

While dusting some historic dinnerware, Flat Ranger Ortega found a cave cricket. She documented each pest she located and prepared some sticky traps to collect other insects.

The team then began working on textiles. Here Rangers Ortega and Alejandra are shaking the bed linens on a reproduction camp bed.

Next, they fluffed the mattresses in the servants quarters.

Flat Ranger Gonzalez swept out the bedroom that Mrs. Ford so generously gave up for General and Mrs.Washington, during the 1779/1780 winter encampment.

The team also dusted props and replica artifacts, meanwhile checking objects for light and insect damage.

The team got their Park passports stamped on the way to their next destination.

Good luck Flat Rangers!

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