Monday, March 25, 2013

Flat Ranger Fuller Visits Morristown

Flat Ranger Fuller stopped by for a short visit this week. She only had time for a quick tour, so we took her around to see some of our Park favorites. Before we got started, she gave us a briefing about Park fire safety.

We started off at the Ford Mansion. She was very impressed by the architecture and differences in style between the front and back entrances.

She conducted a little research in the library, and was shocked to find the library holds over 300,000 manuscripts and over 20,000 books!

Flat Ranger Fuller enjoyed the view from Ft. Nonsense!

Next, we headed to Jockey Hollow and New Jersey Brigade. Flat Ranger Fuller peeked in at a replica soldier hut. 

...then she went out on the trails to see the real deal!

Before we left the area, we stopped by the historical water tower, at the Cross Estate! She was surprised to find it was so tall.

On her way out, Flat Ranger Fuller got her Park passport stamped.

Thanks for stopping by Flat Ranger Fuller. Enjoy your next stop.

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