Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Museum VIPs

We have had a lot of help this summer at our Headquarter's unit, thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers!

Steve Newfield has been working on digitizing historical Park slides.

Maria Ribaudo has been helping process manuscripts and aid in historic housekeeping.

Malcolm Dick has taken on the dilengent task of updating catalog records.

Park Teacher-Ranger-Teacher, Steve Santucci, has been researching our microfilmed collection as part of our DigiDocs initiative.

Matt Mosquera has been helping process manuscripts and aid in historic housekeeping.

ProRanger candidate, Fallon, helped inventory rare books.

The Daily Plan-It has been hard at work removing sticks and depris from the museum property.

SCA Safety Intern, John, helped investigate safety concerns in the park and even helped the curatorial divison with a little mold removal.

Stephen Wilder has been busy giving Ford Mansion tours and special talks.

Not Pictured:

Cynthia N. spent the summer transcribing the diary of Henry Stirke. Her blog posts can be found HERE.

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