Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Report 2: Wrapping Up Week Two

We are now wrapping up our second week of the program and are getting things finalized for the week the students come in. Spending most of the week brainstorming our plans for each day and working together to gather documents and supplies, we were able to accomplish a lot. We have written out a tentative schedule (including activities and topics to cover on each day, as well as field trips), mailed a letter out to the students, and put together folders for each student that include various worksheets and resources.

Aside from all the planning for the week, we also each did some more research and went through the documents we have amassed in order to close in on which ones we want to focus on and ensure that all of them are printed out and labeled. We also began transcribing some of the more important documents to be sure that we have a full understanding of what they say and how we can incorporate them. We are planning on further discussing the documents to decide which ones we want to show the students and include in the Traveling Archives Box. In the upcoming days, we will also be building off of our plans for the week to develop the lesson plans for the Box.

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