Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet the Archival Ambassadors' Mentor Teacher!

Christina Wallace
Hello! My name is Christina Wallace and I am currently a history teacher in Newark, NJ. I have been teaching for eleven years, and this past week I have had the great privilege and honor to serve as a mentor teacher for interns in the Archival Ambassadors program here at Washington's Headquarters Museum. I have taught US History for many years, but being here at the park and museum archives has truly been a treat. I have had an opportunity to examine and analyze several different primary source documents as well as work collaboratively with these amazing interns. For the past five days, my task has been to show them how to write lessons and create activities for the classroom. In addition, I have learned a great deal from them and the museum staff. I have learned that there are thousands of primary source documents, artifacts, maps, paintings, and so much more here in the museum archives. I have had the opportunity to create lesson plans, explore the teacher resources, and engage in many conversations about the importance of primary source documents in the classroom. Sarah, Jude, and myself have been exploring the many possibilities for teachers and students from Newark Public Schools to not only utilize the great museum archives and programs, but also to create new partnerships that foster collaboration on bringing the archives to the classroom in a variety of ways. I am very excited about all of the future opportunities to come. I am also very proud that two of my students will be participating in the Archival Ambassadors program starting July 11th. I know that they will have an amazing and life-changing experience as I have had. Thank you to all the interns and staff, especially Sarah for inviting me to be a part of this program.

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