Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jude Pfister's the Fords of New Jersey Released

Experiencing triumph and defeat during some of the most complex times in American history, the Ford family of Morris County, New Jersey, left an indelible mark on their community. Though there were few opportunities available at the time, the Fords rose to prominence in colonial America through their devotion to principle and a commitment to family. In the nineteenth century, the Fords adapted to the shifting economic and cultural landscape with grace and ingenuity. The stately home of the family, which was once George Washington's headquarter, has now become a monument to the remarkable times in which they lived. Their story is not just of one family or one place. Their story, in miniature, reflects the larger story of Morris County, new Jersey, and America. (Description taken from The Fords of New Jersey: Power and Family During America's Founding, a History Press publication).

The Fords of New Jersey: Power and Family During America's Founding is now available for purchase at the Morristown NHP museum store and from all major book retailers.

Pfister is also the author of The Jacob Ford Jr. Mansion: The Storied History of a New Jersey Home (2009) and The First Decade of the United States Supreme Court (2007).

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