Thursday, December 9, 2010

Featured Artifact: War of 1812 Flag


The flag is believed to have been in the possession of the Morris rifle company. It is constructed of green silk fabric with an eagle painted on white silk. The frame is made of basswood and the front is made of protective plexiglass.

Morr 5622

List of major battles during The War of 1812:

Battle of Tippecanoe
Battle of Lake Erie
Capture of Ft. Niagara
Battle of Washington
Battle of Baltimore
Battle of New Orleans

Battle of Queenston Heights
Battle of French town
Battle of York
Capture of Ft. George
Battle of Stoney Creek
Battle of Beaver Dams
Battle of Thames
Battle of Chateauguay
Capture of Crysler's Farm
Battle of Chippawa
Battle of Lundy's Lane

About the War of 1812:

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