Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Featured Artifact: Edward Emerson Book

The first image is the binding of the book. The second image to the right is a sketch of Andrew Johnson. He also autographed the picture.

 The letter was written by R.W. Evenlyn? and Charles K. Whipple, by Committee.

The sketch is of Boston, and Bunker Hill from the east.

*Photos were taken by Steve Newfield, a volunteer for the Cultural Resources Division.*

Paper bound book, with blue cover and gold colored lettering and decoration on the binding and front of the book. Part I was collected between 1855-1870. Published December, 1918.
Morr 9687

About The Early Saturday Club:

The Early Years of the Saturday Club was put together in Boston, Massachusetts by Emerson, along with the help of Professor Bliss Perry. The sketches in the book was sketched by Perry, Mr. Storey, Governor McCall, Mr. DeWolfe Howe, and Mr. Edward W. Forbes. Each sketch was initialed by the writer.

According to Emerson, "The original plan preserve a record of its first half-century of its existence." Part I includes 13 years of the clubs history. The suggestion to archive and write a book about the club was presented by president Elliot.

The club met in Boston, and was established in 1855. The club had monthly gatherings of writers, scientists, philosophers, historians and others.

Some of the clubs members includes William H. Prescott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, John M. Forbes, John C. Gray, William W. Goodwin, Samuel Hoar, and Robert S. Peabody.

The Early Years of the Saturday Club by Edward Emerson

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