Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What to Expect

First Time Researchers

  • Make sure to bring a valid photo ID with you each time you visit.

  • As a first time researcher, you will be asked to sign a Researcher Information & Agreement Form and you will be assigned a researcher ID number and researcher card.
    You will need to bring this card with you each time you visit. Your researcher card is valid for one year.

  • Your first time visiting, a member of the curatorial staff will conduct a brief research interview to help us meet your research needs.

The registration and interview process will take approximately 20 minutes, so it is a good idea to plan accordingly.

  • You will be required to wear a Temporary Research Pass while you are working in the library and archives research room.

  • You will be required to sign in and out when entering or exiting the research room.

  • You will be required to place your belongings in an assigned locker outside of the research room.

  • You will need to be familiar with the Researcher Rules and Regulations

  • To request items, you will need to fill out a reference retrieval slip. Depending on the number of staff present a pull make take 10 to 15 minutes.

  • To use approved electronic devices in the research room, you will need to obtain prior consent and complete an equipment receipt.

  • Because a large body of our manuscripts have been microfilmed, original manuscripts are rarely accessed.

Returning Researchers

  • Make sure to bring a valid photo ID and your Researcher ID Card with you each time to visit.

  • Be sure your researcher ID card is up-to-date-- if your card is expired, have it renewed.

  • If you are using electronic equipment, bring your equipment receipt with you (it is good for 90 days).

  • You can ask for materials to be held on reserve for up to three days.


At this time, we can only offer self-service printing from our microfilm/fiche reader. The cost is 50 cents per page. Upon approval, patrons may take non-flash digital photos of the microfilm/fiche reader screen.


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