Thursday, July 19, 2018

Meet the Interns

The Division of Cultural Resources is teeming with academics this summer. We've been lucky enough to recruit high caliber scholars to help with our programming. Be sure to check out their tours, brochures, and toolkits as they unroll. 

Join Morristown NHP this summer for a series of special gallery presentations prepared and presented by our summer interns. Beginning the week of July 23rd and running till August 20th, the interns will present the results of their summer research on select afternoons informally in the galleries at the museum. Some of the presentations will offer multi-media demonstrations and handouts. The interns will be available Monday, Tuesday, and Friday  between 10:30 and 1:30.

Emily Surman, of New Providence, (graduate student at Kings College London) will present two talks: one will look at the political role of women in the early republic. The topic is inspired by a print of Lady Washington’s Levee which hangs in the Style Gallery. Ms. Surman will also be available to discuss the hagiographic iconography surrounding remembrances of George Washington after his death in 1799. This talk is inspired by the Apotheosis of Washington which hangs in the Rare Book Gallery.

Sarah-Jane Matthews, of Chatham, (junior at George Washington University) will be available to answer questions on the influence of Classical Greek and Roman ideas in the Founding Era. The inspiration for this talk is the Society of the Cincinnati Bowl in the Military Gallery.

Phoebe Duke-Mosier, of Mountain Lakes, (junior at Hamilton College), will be available to answer questions on the efficacy of the political sermon during the pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary periods. This talk is inspired by an exhibit in the Rare Book Room.

Brigit Wolf, of New Providence, (junior at Mount Holyoke College), will curate a small exhibit on the original New Jersey State Constitution of 1776 and the suffrage it granted to women and African Americans. On exhibit will be a volume owned and annotated by William Paterson from the park’s archives. Ms. Wolf will be available to answer questions about the exhibit and changes which occurred in the document regarding suffrage for women and African Americans. The exhibit will be housed in the auditorium at the museum. This exhibit will be a companion to a colonial-era currency exhibit in the same location.

All talks are free and there is no set time to attend. The presentations will occur in the gallery indicated at the museum building at 30 Washington Place, Morristown, NJ. For more information, please contact the park curator at 973-539-2016 x 204.

Jariah Rainey, of Newark, (2018 Westside High School graduate), is helping develop our Backpack Explorer program.  With the help of museum educator, Sarah Minegar, Ms. Rainey is creating a nature-based learning tool for families to use to enhance their trail experience. This kit will include a variety of trail stewardship and citizen science activities, like birding 101, a nature scavenger hunt, and a 'tree museum.'  We hope to have this available for use come early fall.

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