Monday, May 22, 2017

Exhibit Prep, Behind the Scenes

We get a lot of questions about the preparation that goes into an exhibition installation, so today we thought we would share the fabrication planning.

Our museum specialists processes artifact lists and exhibit panel mock ups. These list
determine which artifacts need to pulled and prepped for exhibit.

This effort has involved a team of talented designers, fabricators, researchers, donors, and partners, but so much of the critical work behind the scenes has been the labor of Museum Specialist, Joni Rowe. Every artifact, manuscript, image, and catalog number has been carefully pulled, reviewed, and prepared by Joni, no small feat considering gallery projects can stay active for over a decade, start to finish.

Artifacts are pulled and checked against several exhibit inventory lists, then the fabrication team begins measuring and photographing in preparation for custom mount and case building. At this stage, our researcher and text editor is also double checking catalog numbers and artifact descriptions in line with our pull lists.

Artifacts waiting  in queue. 

Measuring and recording three dimensional artifacts.

The fabrication team uses precise instruments to measure each artifact's dimensions. Photos are taken for both reference and for installation purposes.

Photographing flat files and paintings. Many of these images will be reproduced or 
used as wall panels.


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