Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Decoding Shakespeare’s Monarch Web Series

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of perhaps the most celebrated English bard, William Shakespeare. In honor of that milestone, the Folger Shakespeare Library is bringing the First Folio to museums, universities, public libraries, and historical societies around the country. One such lucky repository is our academic partner, Drew University. This is a huge honor for the university and a great compliment to the dedication of Drew Library and Archives staff, teaching faculty, and the resident Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.

Elizabeth I, 1576, Lloyd W. Smith Archival Collection.
In honor of this celebration, we wanted to tip our hats to our Drew colleagues and share a little known Morristown treasure. While Morristown NHP doesn’t have an original Shakespearean work, we do have a manuscript signed by Shakespeare’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth I, dated 1576!

During the month of October, we will feature a special online tribute entitled, Decoding Shakespeare’s Monarch This interactive web series will include:

  • Paleography for Everyone! Cracking the Old Hand Writing Code
  • The Art of Transcription: A Practical Guide
  • Quills, Paper, and Ink
  • Understanding Regnal Years
  • Preservation 101: How Light and Humidity Impact Paper
  • The Cursive Learning Curve & Future Historians' Dilemma

& More!

A concurrent temporary exhibit, how to and how ‘naught’ quill station, and interactive pamphlet will also be installed onsite, at our Washington’s Headquarters Unit (info TBA).

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