Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Welcome 2016 TRT

Hi!  I’m 2016’s Teacher Ranger Teacher, Allison Winka. I have been teaching 4th grade in the Livingston Public School System for 11 years.  Last summer, I took a course hosted by our Social Studies Supervisor and 2015 TRT, Chris Bickel.  Our group spent the day exploring Morristown National Historical Park and thinking about what kinds of resources we could use to enhance student learning.  I got so much out of that experience that when I was asked to be the TRT this summer, I gladly agreed.  I’m looking forward to studying the park resource.  In addition, I will be hosting a teacher workshop where we engage in “lesson prototyping.”  Our goal is to develop ideas for lessons that teachers could use when they bring their classes to visit MNHP.  These lesson ideas don’t need to just connect to Social Studies, but cover all subject areas.  I’m looking forward to a great summer at the park!

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