Monday, January 12, 2015

Thanks Flat Rangers from Ortis and Canales Elementary Schools

This summer some very important Flat Rangers from Ortis and Canales Elementary Schools participated in a special detail mission, ordered by Park Service director John Jarvis. These Flat Rangers worked all summer and fall preparing artifacts for rehousing, in preparation for a new gallery space called the Discover History Center.

At the beginning of the summer, this gallery space was filled to the brim with museum collections. Now that is has been cleaned, we can begin making construction plans for the learning center. Pictured here are the Ortis Flat Rangers after a long day.

All of those museum artifacts had to be carefully relocated to other storage areas in the museum. Here Canales Flat Rangers move an historic sofa to its new home. Read more about this sofa here.

This was no small project. It was a several-month-long endeavor, consisting of lots of planning and precision work. Thanks to Museum Specialist, Joni Rowe, for leading the team.

For their service and dedication, each of these Flat Rangers
has been deputized, Morristown Junior Park Ranger!

Congrats and thank you!

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