Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Flat Rangers Ford and Jones Visit Morristown

The summer is a great time to assess safety and maintenance concerns in the park. This week, we were fortunate to have Flat Rangers Ford and Jones stop in during our monthly safety committee meeting. During a walk-around, we discussed areas of concern and the Flat Rangers helped us rank our safety issues.

Flat Ranger Ford suggested we conduct a SPE (Severity x Probability x Exposure) assessment
on the cracked historic blue stone, in front of the Ford Mansion. 

Using their handy SPE card, the Flat Rangers ranked this hazard as substantial and
determined that a larger restoration project is in order. 


During their visit, an exterminator came to removed a large paper wasps' nest.


Once the nest was safely removed,the team checked out the window damage. 
It appears only minor damage, mostly residue, resulted.

The team also reported water damage...
...and reevaluated the deteriorating handrail on the back porch.

After the museum inspection, Flat Ranger Jones began the Ford Mansion walk-through.

Thanks for helping us conduct safety evaluations,
Flat Rangers Jones and Ford!

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