Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flat Rangers DeLaCruz and Hernandez Visit Morristown

It's pretty chilly here in New Jersey, but Flat Rangers DeLaCruz and Hernandez braved the polar vortex to help us with a gallery restoration project.  The 1930s section of our building is prone to leaks and over the past few years our American Style gallery has been slowly getting damp.  We were so glad to have these Flat Rangers around to help us move artifacts and cover exhibits in preparation for the maintenance crew.
Flat Rangers DeLaCruz and Hernandez assess the plaster damage.

Flat Ranger DeLaCruz prepares the tall case clock for relocation.

Flat Ranger Hernandez secured exhibit cases and covered them with packing blankets.

Phew, that was a lot of hard work!

Thanks for stopping by fellas!

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