Monday, November 25, 2013

Featured Artifact: Francis Derwent Wood Sculpture

Description: Bronze bust of Washington Association of New Jersey co-founder, William van Vleck Lidgerwood. Sculpted by English sculptor, Francis Derwent Wood, in 1910.

Wood's 1910 bust.
A young Lidgerwood.

Sculptor's signature.

1906 Portrait of  Wood. Wiki Commons

About the Sculptor: Wood was a sculptor and instructor of sculpture at the Glaslow School of Art. Some of his famous works include The Crucified Soldier and Machine Gun Corps Memorial (World War I memorial, Hyde Park Corner, London, England).

Wood was also a humanitarian. During World War I, he opened a clinic to help disfigured soldiers regain confidence after suffering facial trauma. Wood carefully crafted custom prosthetic masks made of thin metal, painted to match a patient's skin-tone.

Completing a mask. Image from the Imperial War Museum

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The Lidgerwood bust is currently on display at the Morris Museum, featured in their facial hair exhibit:  Beards: The Long and Short of It

This exhibit runs until March 30, 2014.

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