Monday, March 18, 2013

Flat Rangers Borland and Castillo Visit Morristown

The winter months are an important time for the division of cultural resources to get caught up on collections care and spend time cataloging manuscripts and artifacts. We were fortunate enough to have visiting Flat Rangers Borland and Castillo help us out this month.

Flat Rangers Borland and Castillo got started in the archives. Here they are examining a possible mold growth on a 1790 manuscript.

After that, the Rangers headed upstairs to the galleries. The guys grabbed a couple gallons of distilled water to refill the humidifiers. The galleries get quite dry during the winter season and it's critical that we keep the relative humidity at an appropriate level, for artifact safety.
In the galleries, the team cleaned exhibit cases. They used a special cleaner made for plexiglass exhibitry.
Flat Ranger Castillo gave the nineteenth-century Steinway a good dusting.

Flat Ranger Borland spent some time in the Ford Mansion, arranging and interpreing the conference room.
Flat Ranger Castillo researched this history of the Washington Association of New Jersey (WANJ) founding members.  WANJ is Morristown's legistlated partner, and he found that William Lidgerwood quite resembles our own Jon Jarvis.

Flat Ranger Borland consulted with volunteer Jennifer Hugman about the Cross Estates' National Register nomination.

The team even helped us digitize some manuscripts.

Before they headed to their next park, Flat Rangers Castillo and Borland got their park passports stamped.

Good luck Flat Rangers! Thanks for all of your hard work!

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  1. On behalf of Flat Ranger, Alejandro Borland, we would like to THANK Sarah M. for taking the time out to personalized the pictures on adventures. Our family is so excited when he came home with the package today. We are going to have all the photos of his adventures laminated to preserve this treasure. Thank you so much on behalf of the Borland family, I'm sure Felipe Castillo and the entire student body at Ortiz Elementary in Brownsville, TX.