Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flat Ranger Gonzalez Visits Morristown

This week, the Morristown staff had our hands full with object preservation projects. Lucky for us, we had a special visitor on board, Flat Ranger Gonzalez, who had a lot of special collections experience.

We started our day in collections storage where Flat Ranger Gonzalez helped inventory artifacts. Here she is with a pair of historic eyeglasses.

She conducted a condition report for some of our small textile items. She was really taken by Martha Washington's silk blue shoes (not pictured).

Flat Ranger Gonzalez took extra precaution with heavy objects. Careful, heavy objects require teamwork!

Over at the Ford Mansion, she prepared arrangements of replica food.  Here she interprets a winter kitchen.

In the library, she examined an annotated Mark Twain manuscript called "The Case of Rev. Ament, Missionary," later published as "To My Missionary Critics," in 1901.

Before she headed off to her next adventure, she got her Park Passport stamped.

Good luck and farewell, Flat Ranger Gonzalez!

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