Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thanks,Trail Crew!

Our volunteer trail crew has been hard at work making Morristown NHP's cultural landscapes safe and accessible for visitors.

The most recent Volunteer Trail Day was held September 8th. Groups working that day included the Volunteer Trail Crew and volunteers from the Groundwork Elizabeth.  Work was conducted on the Soldier Hut trail from Grand Parade road up to the huts themselves.  The Volunteer Trail Crew worked up around the soldiers huts installing seven water bars. The water bars are used to divert runoff water from the trial and reduce erosion.  The Groundwork Elizabeth crew, led by Volunteer Trail Crew Leader, Chuck Irwin, worked on the trail leading up to the huts.  They put down copious amount of gravel to rehab the trail from previous water erosion. A total of three hours was spent on the project.

A big thanks to the Volunteer Trail Crew and Groundwork Elizabeth!

This feature by Law Enforcement Ranger, Timothy Socha.

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