Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flat Ranger Rodriguez Visits Morristown

We had a special guest with us today. Flat Ranger Rodriguez came all the way from Texas to visit Morristown National Historical Park.

He enjoyed tea in bedroom where George Washington stayed during the winter encampment of 1779/1780.

He rested on a reproduction camp bed.

He took the wool wheel for a spin.

He admired the Ford Mansion's unique architecture.

He rode the cannon carriage.

He examined a Charles Darwin letter in the Lloyd W. Smith Archival Collection. He was surprised to find so many neat historical documents in the archives!

He re-shelved some rare books.

He checked out the exhibits too. He really liked the Varick punchbowl.

He conducted humidity, light, and temperature readings
in the special collections storage areas.

Before he left, he made sure to get his National Parks Passport stamped.

Thanks for all of your hard work Flat Ranger Rodriguez! Have fun at your next stop!

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