Thursday, September 16, 2010

Featured Artifact: Calendar Print- September


The subject depicting September is wearing a mobcap with lace edging which ties under her chin with red ribbons. Her Dutch hairstyle is evident by the ringlets hanging down her back.

She wears a mustard colored open robe gown. A fichu is draped over her shoulders and tucked in the front of the gown. At her elbows, you can see the ruffles of her chemise.

Notice the white kid “mittens” she is wearing. The flap that covers her knuckles is turned back toward her wrist.

Leaning on her cloak of blue material, she holds a pomegranate in her left hand. Her right hand holds a pomegranate seed, ready to eat.

In the window behind her is a cache of fruit. An orchard is seen in the background with a worker on a ladder harvesting fruit.

In the background, two men are fishing from a small boat.
Engraved: T. Burford.


About T. Burford and the subjects depicted in the calendar:
Thomas Burford was born in 1710 and died in 1770 in London. He was a member of the Incorporated Society of Artists. His prints are dated from 1741 to 1765. He is best known as a portrait engraver and "Mr. John Chaloner Smith" in his catalogue of British Mezzotinto Portraits describes 20 plates by him in addition to a set of twelve 2/4 length portraits of ladies in ovals representing the months published in 1745.

The ladies that represent the 12 months of the year are mezzotints, that are hand colored. Having the complete set of twelve is unusual. The prints represent with clarity the feminine fashions and interiors of the middle 18th century. The costumes portrayed range from simple house dresses of the period to elaborate silk and brocade gowns of highest the fashion.

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