Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Morristown Oddities and Curiosities: George & Martha's Hair

MORR 339 & 340
accompanying document

Believe it or not...

According to the documentation, "the hair of General and Mrs. Washington given by Mrs. Washington to her niece Fanny Henley Lear and left by her top her neice Fanny Lear Henley Heighers." These items were donated by Mr. Lloyd W. Smith

About This Series

This online exhibit series shows the type of objects the Washington Association of New Jersey collected in its early years. Collecting before any standards existed, the museum accepted donations based on the donor’s word. Today, the museum would conduct thorough research about the history and authenticity of these objects and then make the decision whether or not to accept them into the collection. This is a prime example of how standards changed as the museum field became professionalized. Although we adhere to different standards today, we are happy to share these oddities in our collection.

Exhibit curated by Joni Rowe, Museum Specialist.

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