Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wm. Paterson Interns Begin Jefferson Digest

Sarah explaining to Matt the proper way to handle documents.

Rachel loading the microfilm of Jefferson documents kept at MNHP.

Document #42 LWS #1290

Matthew Alexander and Rachel Tanzola are seniors studying History at William Paterson University and have been interning at MNHP since September. They are working with the Jefferson Documents donated by Lloyd W. Smith to create a digest. When finished the digest will contain summaries of each document, a short biography of each person mentioned and the letters they appear in.

“Although we were very excited to be able to handle documents written by Jefferson, finding a document with ciphers in it was beyond our expectations.” Rachel Tanzola

“Having the opportunity to handle the Jefferson documents reinforced a sense of patriotism. It was exhilarating to know that I have now handled a document that has been written by a founding member of our country.” Matthew Alexander

Matthew and Rachel will be with us until the end of May and are very excited to move on and learn different aspects of museum work. One project they will be working on will be the traveling museum which brings the museum into the schools. It involves making an inventory of reproduction artifacts (as one would real artifacts) and preparing them for classroom use. This will give them an example of educational outreach and examples of how museum artifacts arefiled/paperwork important part of museum work. Looking forward to the new year.

Blog entry by Rachel Tanzola and Matthew Alexander, William Paterson University

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