Friday, August 12, 2011

Jude Pfister Discusses Byron Forgery on WCBS

Morristown National Historic Park To Keep Bogus Bryon Letter

MORRISTOWN, NJ (WCBS 880) - When the curator of the Morristown National Historic Park first found out in May that their letter supposedly written by poet Lord Byron was a fake, panic set in.

WCBS 880′s Levon Putney In New Jersey

Click HERE to listen. View the forgery HERE.

“Oh my goodness, you know. What do we do now?” said Jude Pfister.

After all, the museum had the letter for over fifty years.

But then, Pfister thought, “This might not be a bad thing, taking the approach of turning lemons into lemonade.”

The museum may now put together an exhibit on forged documents. Pfister says there were lots of fakes in Byron’s time and now he gets to talk about them.

“We don’t have the real thing, but in and of itself, there’s just as much of a story,” he says.

Pfister says it’ll be an educational tool for visitors and students.

The letter is believed to have been written 50 years after Byron’s death in 1824. The author of the letter remains unknown.

The document’s authenticity came into question after Drew University planned to use the letter in a Byron exhibit. It was passed along to an expert at the New York Public Library who discovered problems with the salutation, signature and content.

*Permission to republish was kindly granted by WCBS 880. Interviewer Levon Putney.

Lord Byron (credit: UK Government Art Collection via Wikipedia)

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