Thursday, April 1, 2010

Featured Artifact: Steam Navigation Commemorative Metal

* Photographs taken by Steve Newfield, a volunteer from the Cultural Resources Division*

Object: Medal, Commemorative. American medal.
Silver medal commemorating Robert Fulton, 4' diameter.

Morr 5323-1 and 2
On the front of the coin, three seated, female figures are holding a steamboat, anchor and chart, surmounted by a portrait of Fulton in a wreath. The description on the coin reads, "Robert Fulton 1765-1815" "First to use of steam in navigation on the Hudson River 1807."

On the back, the picture of the sailors on deck of the ship are displayed. A small sailing ship is at the bottom with words "Halve Maene." Around the edges, the description reads, "Discovery of Hudson River by Henry Hudson A.D. MDCIX." "The American Numismatic Society" "Hudson-Fulton Celbration Comm."

About Robert Fulton:

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