Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jude Pfister Featured in The Supreme Court Historical Society Quarterly

Curator Jude M. Pfister's article "Morristown NHP Supreme Court Manuscripts" was recently featured The Supreme Court Historical Society's Quarterly publication.

The article begins, "The Morristown National Historical Park (MNHP), located in Morristown, New Jersey, may not seem a destination point for anyone researching the history of the members of the Supreme Court. The park is noted more for being the site of two winter encampments during the Revolutionary War; one abbreviated stay in 1777, and a longer stay in 1779-1780. Morristown is also known as the first historical park in the National Park Service, having been signed into existence by President Herbert Hoover on March 2, 1933. Twenty years after the creation of the Park to commemorate the winter encampments, local investment banker Lloyd W. Smith, who had already donated over seven hundred acres of land to the park, decided to leave his vast book and manuscript collection to the park as well. The Park Service had little experience in running libraries and although MNHP staff made every effort to make the collection available to researchers, the vast majority of the archival collection has gone unnoticed for fifty years..."

For the full article in print, click on the images below.

Pfister, Jude M. "Morristown NHP Supreme Court Manuscripts." The Supreme Court Historical Society. Quarterly. Vol. 31. Number 4. 2009.

*Permission to publish was kindly granted by The Supreme Court Historical Society.

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