Friday, January 27, 2017

Curator Pfister on The Legacy of John Jay

Volume XXXVIII, No 4, 2016

Among his many talents, Dr. Jude Pfister is a scholar of Supreme Court history. His most recent contribution to the Supreme Court Historical Society Quarterly, "The Legacy of John Jay," can be found in the current volume.  Here Pfister discusses Jay's achievements as a co-author of The Federalist Papers, the first Chief Justice, his governorship in New York, work as the President of the Continental Congress, and negotiation of the Paris Peace Treaty (1783), among other formative accomplishments.

To read the article, click HERE.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Illuminating Hidden Gems

Some of you may be aware, but our own Dr. Sarah Minegar, Archivist/Museum Educator, has a wonderful article in the current NJ Studies Journal. Sarah looks at the seemingly contradictory juxtaposition of a National Historical Park (Morristown) , with its "history in a box" approach to the past, paired with a first-rate, but forgotten, research library (also Morristown), with its total approach to the past. 

We are also very proud to point out that another Morristown NHP staff member, Steven Elliott, a PhD candidate at Temple, has an article and a book review in the current issue. Steven's article looks at "how and why the Continental Army decided to place the bulk of its forces in northern New Jersey for two consecutive winters during the war."

Click HERE to see the current (VOL 3, NO 1 (2017) issue.